Procivil Works Company Ltd (Intelligent Customer Care Service)

Our company, PROCIVIL WORKS CO. LTD, was incorporated in 1991; specialising in the supply of water engineering components, with a philosophy of offering our clients a high-end and cost beneficial product to sustain to any of their water engineering works.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy and highly competitive organisation in the water engineering industry in Mauritius, supplying multiple contracting companies.

The services offered by Pro Civil Works Co., Ltd include:
  • Procurement of any water engineering and plumbing components including pumps and accessories.
  • Instrumentation specification and automation.
  • Requests for the tender of equipment and site services.
  • Execution of contract works in link with water and sewerage engineering
  • Execution and procurement of Labour in connection with building and civil engineering projects

Over the years, there has been a growing demand for water engineering components with a huge prospect to develop this industry in Mauritius. In fact, many countries, notably African countries have struggled over the years over water distribution problem. May it be poor distribution system or inefficient storage capacity which is regrettably still the case

We had the chance to meet up with major distributors and suppliers in Europe, Asia and Africa specialising in different kinds of water engineering technology- domestic and industrial pumps, irrigation, manhole covers, hot water distribution, electrofusion fittings, water meters and all plumbing accessories.

We are now privileged to represent them in Mauritius and offer the people a world-class product at a competitive price to cater to their needs. Hopefully in the near future, we could make use of new water engineering technology to solve our problem and ensure that all have access to potable water.We supply individuals and companies as well as governmental organisations like the Central Water Authority, Irrigation Authority and Rodrigues Regional Assembly. We offer quality products and professional advice for plumbing requirements to individuals and offer them a high-end product for the wellbeing of the people.
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» 22 Apr 2013
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» 13 Jul 2010
:: New Website Launched ::
Procivil Works Co Ltd launched its new website to serve you better...
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